Earn Money By Selling Your Story

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Are you looking to earn money by selling your story? The only way possible is through a newspaper or a magazine. And if the content of your story is highly in demand in the market, you can get a bigger bid for the same story. It may sound very easy that selling a story to a national publication will be a cakewalk. But mind you, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of effort to do something like that. Art of selling a story entirely depends on the content you are writing. When selling a story, you never know which way it can go and what fortune it can fetch you. Stories published in the magazines are not entirely real; they are spiced up to attract more readers. Making a story interesting to the readers will again increase the chances of selling it on a big platform.

My first step to sell my story to a newspaper would be to contact a news agency which will make it much easier. But before trusting one, make sure that it is a reputed news agency. You must feel that they deserve it, and they can provide you coverage. If you have decided to get, your story published in the press following these simple steps will make your life much easier.

Establishing contact

You can contact the agency either by email or phone. You can get details of good reputed agencies on the internet. It sounds very easy and convenient to start the negotiation via phone or email but contacting someone in person will bring more sense of trust. This way you can explain to them what you are interested in publishing and what you expect out of them. You can explain the story face to face and negotiate your terms and conditions. The Most important thing is that when you talk to a person on the face it brings a faithful communication.

Negotiate price

Once you are talking to a reputed agency be sure that they will talk everything straight forward. They can analyze how much your story is worth earning by listening to the content. It also depends on how badly you are interested in getting it published. Once the agency has accepted your offer, they will make all effort in contacting their media partners who can help them advertise and sell the story. This part is called advertising and establishing a market.

Terms and conditions

All the terms and conditions should be made clear and negotiated between both the parties. Discuss all the payment details and release date. They will require a good amount of time in spicing up the content and making it presentable. Once your story is completely ready for the release, you should clear all the dues and payments.