Basic Elements Of A Good Design

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There are a lot of things to consider in order to arrive at a very good design, but keeping in mind some important basic pointers can help you when in need of major creative decisions. Design agencies can help you provide your design needs. whether it’s an ad campaign or the logo of your organization.Good design may be subjective, but there are actually some ground rules that are basically observed by artists as they create designs. There are actually some visual tools that are helpful when it comes to assisting designers, but artists will always need to keep in mind the basic elements of a design.


This is probably the most basic in all the elements. It is a connection between two points. Lines can do a lot of things in your design, as it can be used to frame an outline, or set the mood for your design. If you want a passive design, plain straight lines are your way to go but if you want a lively design, diagonal lines can appear to be very active. You can also use lines as a guide for the eye on the right hierarchy of following through the design.


This is setting up the emotion and tone that the design wants to particularly convey. There are certain emotions that every color can evoke in one’s perception which are understood by psychology of colors, like blue is related to peace and tranquillity while red can be either interpreted as love or anger. Colors may be a small element to the design, or may be as huge as filling the entire or a rage portion of the background.Brand design agency Melbourne can even assist you if you are unsure whether you have chosen the appropriate color for your own brand design.


This is formed when lines enclosed. They can be the basic building blocks of an icon, if you are in a trusted graphic design agency this is very important to fully understand. Shapes are defined by their boundaries. One category of shape is geometric, such as circles, squares, or triangles. The other classification is organic that don’t have any well-defined edges, like blob shapes.


Texture is how you would feel when you touch the surface of a particular object. Even if your design is not meant to be touched, it must be delivered properly if you want to consider this element in sending a message or feel to your design. It makes an image more realistic and provides composition. It can give an overall impact in your design.


Meanwhile, space is as important as the other elements. It is the area that is not consumed up in your design. Some artists consider this as a rest so that the eye will not become weary when looking at a particular design. Minimalist designs tend to have more unused spaces.These are basically the elements that artists consider when making their own design. They play with these tools to create a more powerful message in a visual manner.